Independent Living Skills


At A Bright Future we strongly believe adults who have developmental disabilities can live independently in a home of their choosing if they receive efficient and effective living skills instructions and supports. Through our ABF independent living skills program, participants acquire skills that enable them to do more for themselves and ultimately be more independent. We focus on developing a program that meets the unique needs of our participants while maintaining their dignity and receiving humane care.

ILS Curriculum

Money Management/Consumer Awareness:
Consumers are taught skills like how to budget appropriately, learning the difference between “sale” items and “regular” items and learning about buying on credit.

Food Management/ Nutrition: Skills taught include, grocery shopping, cooking safety and nutrition.

Housing: Instructors teach how to look for affordable housing, what’s important in a roommate and how to interact with a landlord.

Personal Appearance and Hygiene: Consumers learn skills like how to complete personal hygiene tasks and appropriate clothing for different occasions.

Self –Advocacy/Socialization: Consumers learn their rights as an adult with a disability while also learning appropriate behaviors.

Health: Health goals may include making routine doctor appointments and learning about the harmful effects of illegal drug use.

Household/Organization: Instructors demonstrate and teach how and when to complete common household chores as well as aiding in creating chore charts.

Transportation: Consumers are taught about local bus stops as well as how to navigate the BART system.

Job seeking and maintaining skills: Goals include how to find and keep a job by demonstrating professional work etiquette and behavior.

Emergency/Safety: Consumers are taught about local emergency resources as well as safety throughout the home.

Community Integration: Skills taught may include how to find local recreation programs or learn about more ways to have fun locally.

Executive Functioning: Skills taught are task initiation, time management, planning, and improving organizational habits.