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Regional Center of the East Bay

The Regional Center of the East Bay [RCEB] is one of 21 Regional Centers that is a community based, private non-profit corporation under contract with the California Department of Developmental Services. RCEB works in partnership with many individuals and agencies to plan and coordinate services and supports for people with developmental disabilities, family members and community leaders in the Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Resources Website

Guide To Lanterman Act

The Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Act (AB 846), also known as the Lanterman Act, is a part of California law that states the rights and responsibilities of persons with developmental disabilities. It is a powerful piece oflegislation that establishes an entitlement and defines the service delivery system. It creates the agencies, including regional centers, responsible for planning and coordinating services and supports for persons with developmental disabilities and their families.


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