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Alta California Regional Center

Alta California Regional Center [ACRC] is a private, non-profit corporation working under contract with the State of California, Department of Developmental Services, to provide services to persons, age three and above, with a developmental disability pursuant to the Lanterman Act.

ACRC also provides services to infants and toddlers, between birth and 36 months, who have a need for early intervention services and who meet the eligibility criteria for the California Early Start program.

Cultural Diversity
ACRC continues its efforts to increase the availability of culturally and linguistically relevant materials and other information for its diverse populations. In this corner you will find translated publications about services; flyers, and other information related to upcoming events or activities hosted by ACRC. Updates will be posted as new materials become available.

Publications and Brochures
Below you will find links to various publications and brochures that provide information for our clients and families. Updates will be made to this sections as new items become available.

Resources for Families
The regional center is a key point of contact for families with a family member who has a developmental disability, however there are many other resources available to help families navigate this experience. Links to several of of these resources are listed below. If you know of a good resource to add to our list, please contact us through your Service Coordinator.

Resources for Clients
The resources listed here are specific to clients, and may be helpful for families and professionals. They consist of links to the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Client corner, links to publications developed by DDS’s Client Advisory Committee, resources to help clients ensure their rights are protected, and much more. Take a look!

Generic Resources and Natural Supports
ACRC develops an individualized plan for each eligible client that identifies what services and supports will be needed to help meet desired outcomes. This is important to understand because while ACRC is committed to helping clients and/or their family achieve their goals, by law, ACRC must exhaust other funding sources, which are referred to as generic resources and natural supports, prior to paying for any services. Funding questions can sometimes be complex. Your Service Coordinator will support the client and/or family in navigating these areas.

Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Grant

Please note that these links are for information purposes only; A Bright Future, Inc. does not sponsor, endorse nor promote these entities/agencies.