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North Bay Regional Center

North Bay Regional Center [NBRC] is one of 21 Regional Centers for persons with developmental disabilities in California. Started as a grass roots movement, Regional Centers were originally established to assist persons with intellectual disabilities — and their families — in identifying and developing services and programs within their communities that help them lead more independent lives.

Community Resources

As payor of last resort, NBRC partners and collaborates with community agencies to coordinate services that address support needs as these relate to individuals’ developmental disabilities. Click on the community resource links listed to the right to access state and federal, county, or community service agencies.

NBRC also supports individuals and families in getting important education and training, and accessing community events and recreational activities. Below you will find links to community events, webinars, conferences and trainings that may be of interest.

  • Matrix Parent Support Groups: (Support groups are opportunities to share experiences and network around common needs. All Matrix groups are led by Parent Advisors or other parents.Find out more here.

  • Free Professional Counseling/Servicios Gratis with USC Telehealth:

  • USCTH_Special Needs Support

  • USCTH_Special Needs Support_Espanol

  • How the Affordable Care Act Helps People with Disabilities- a letter from the ARC

  • Napa County Special Olympics: check out the calendar of games and activities for Special Olympics here including basketball, track, softball, bowling and many more sporting events.

  • Conservator Resources:


          •CONSERVATORSHIP Espanol

Please note that these links are for information purposes only; A Bright Future, Inc. does not sponsor, endorse nor promote these entities/agencies.