Job Postings

HR will create job postings that briefly describe the job opening and communicate A Bright Future, Inc. brand. All job openings will be posted concurrently on this website and externally with sources appropriate for the position being filled. The ad states the way potential or interested candidate should submit their resume and applications. Jobs will remain posted until the position is filled.

The HR department will be responsible for tracking all applicants and retaining applications and resumes as required.

Resume Screening

All submitted resumes are analyzed according to career path, education, skills set, and year/s of experiences. All applicants for a posted vacancy will be considered based on their qualifications and ability to perform the job successfully.

Interview Process

The HR department and the hiring manager will screen applications and resumes prior to scheduling interviews. Initial interviews are generally conducted by the HR department and the Program Director and/or the Supervisor using behavior-based interview questions and a structured interview process. Experiences and hard and soft skills necessary for the position are also discussed during this interview. Candidate evaluation forms will be completed after each interview and retained with the application.

An Application is required to be filled out digitally or in-person prior to the interview.

Verification of References and Credentials

The Program Director, Office Manager or Community Living Instructor calls the candidate to verify information on resume and determine that the candidate and their personality is fit for the position. An in-person interview is set up for those who are selected.

HR will conduct professional reference checks and employment verification on the top candidates based on the results of the candidate evaluation forms completed by the interviewers. A minimum of three professional references are required from each candidate.

Job Offers

After a decision has been made to hire a candidate, an offer will be made, by phone or mail, contingent on the satisfactory completion of required background checks and testing. Job offer letter includes the job description, the pay and benefits and the tentative start date of the applicant. The candidate will be required to acknowledge the offer to initiate the hiring and onboarding process.

Background checks will vary depending on the position and may include criminal history, driving record, drug testing or any other relevant information for the job.

Once the HR department receives satisfactory results from all required background checks and tests, candidates will be provided with a final job offer. If a candidate fails to accept an offer of employment within 7 calendar days, the offer may be rescinded by the company.

A Bright Future, Inc. is actively looking for qualified and passionate individuals that are seeking to make a difference in the lives of our participants. Interested candidates can e-mail HR at or click here to apply online.

Hiring Process

At A Bright Future, Inc., we understand that recruitment strategy is the most important step in a company’s quest to find good and efficient employees. Attracting top talent is key to how a company succeeds, and in our industry the talent is our product. For that reason, A Bright Future, Inc developed an elaborate hiring and screening process for its paid staff and consultants.