Behavior Management Program

"We view challenging behaviors in a holistic context: behavior will be understood as an attempt to communicate something about the individual and his or her immediate and extended environment."
-ABF Team
The mission of A Bright Future Behavior Management Program is to offer adults with developmental disabilities, behavior management issues and/or concurrent mental illnesses a stimulating and individualized day services program that will expand upon and strengthen his/her base of knowledge and competence for active and effective participation in a broad range of activities that he/she finds meaningful.
Consistent with this mission A Bright Future Academy - Behavior Management Program will offer consumers (number of non-ambulatory determined by Community Care Licensing) in an environment complete with site based and/or community based activities to challenge each person served to develop new capabilities and reach expanded proficiencies in their relationship with self and the world around them. Individuals will be served by A Bright Future Academy at no less than a 1:3 for this Behavior Management Program. Consumers are supported in ways that will support them to learn new literacy, interpersonal and social skills so that they may further develop and maintain healthy relationships and active, self-directed lifestyles that are typical to individuals of similar age that do not have developmental disabilities and/or concurrent mental illnesses.

The program offers the following:
    • Behavior Management
    • Behavior Analysis
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Literacy
    • Work
    • Self-Determination & Self Advocacy
    • Health and Well Being
    • Safety and Emergency Preparedness
    • Community Inclusion
    • Circles of Support
    • Relationships and Social Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Generic Services
    • Diversity
    • Transportation
    • Money Management