Our Team

Max Konan, M.A., Ed. SP.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Max has spent his career working with the disabled community. He earned a Life Time California Teaching Credential from Sonoma State University. Max also attended Sacramento State University where he completed a Masters of Arts in Education.

Throughout his career, Max has focused on implementing research based positive behavior modification strategies and creating meaningful programs for individuals with disabilities in Northern California.Before joining A Bright Future Inc., Max worked as an Education Specialist for California public school system.

Being the current President and Chief Executive Officer of ABF, Max is living to the catchphrase of the company and serves as an inspiration to both the participants and employees to Reach Higher.

Paul Alex Nocum

Executive Assistant
Billing Manager

Paul is a BS Accountancy graduate from his homeland, the Philippines. He had been with some major Financial Institutions doing Accounting and Management during his 15 years banking stint. Paul is a Senior Tax Analyst in a Tax Company and is a commissioned Public Notary in California.

Paul is currently providing high-level administrative support to the CEO as the Executive Assistant; and is heading the Billing Department of A Bright Future, Inc.

Maricel Ancheta

Payroll Manager

Maricel has Bachelor of Science in Accountancy degree in the Philippines. She has been working professionally for over 20 years having the General Accounting and Budget as her forte. Her vast experience working with the government paved way to a lot of skills and knowledge for her.

Maricel is currently running the Payroll Department of A Bright Future, Inc. As the Payroll Specialist, her primary responsibilities are to process and manage the entire in-house payroll process and ensure compliance with the State regulations.

Isaac Phaondy Konan

Asset Manager

Isaac is a young but dedicated and reliable college student with years of experience in caregiving and housekeeping. He has strong expertise in time management and developing systems to maximize efficiency.

Isaac is currently majoring in Health Science while managing the properties of the company. Being the Asset Manager, He oversees assets that are owned, leased and subleased by ABF.

Less talk, more work... that’s our Isaac.

Chanell Smith

SLS/ILS Case Management Supervisor
North Bay

She has many years of experience in the field of mental health which has helped her to provide support for very high need clients who are dually-diagnosed. She’s always willing to take on challenging and high need clients and help them receive services. She continues to excel and provide excellent leadership skills in a highly structured environment promoting behavioral intervention plans as well as with clients with developmental disabilities, serious maladaptive behaviors and/or moderate health issues. She’s dedicated to making A Bright Future bright!

Brittanni Murphy

Program Director
A Bright Future Academy

Brittanni Murphy started her career in 2006 when she was offered a position in a Day Program as a Direct Care Staff by a group who expressed that ”her kindness and how she treated people” was a great fit in their team. That is when she realized that she found her calling.

In 2012, she was offered a Program Administrator position in another Day Program where she eventually held the Program Director role. She worked with that company for about 8 years.

She restructured the team morale from a negative environment to a whole crew of dedicated, passionate, empathetic, loyal, long-term, team players. Helping the team remember their "Why?", focusing on staff strength, helps build a strong team dedicated to supporting those who count on the program.

Safety, compliance, positivity, trust, and transparency are some of her most important qualities for herself and for those she serves.

In 2021, Brittanni made the decision to move out of the Bay area and embark on a whole life overhaul. She is currently directing the Day Program of A Bright Future Academy.

In her personal time, she enjoys painting, nature, traveling, art, her 4 pets and being with her family.

Natalie Smith

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Natalie Smith is Board Certified Behavior Analyst with 15 years of experience working with people with disabilities. She graduated from Sacramento State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and went on to earn a Master’s in Teaching Administration with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis. She has been board certified with the Behavior Analytic Certification Board since 2015.

Natalie specializes in the implementation of evidence-based positive behavior supports (including antecedent intervention, reinforcing positive behaviors, functional alternative response training), autism-specific interventions and training, and staff training and education.

Natalie spends her free time giving back to her community via volunteer work, hiking with her dogs, and working on her physical fitness. Natalie is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude to encourage others to work hard and succeed. She is inspired by the mission of A Bright Future and is excited to bring positive behavior change to participants and staff alike.

Kimberly Diaz

Resource Coordinator

Kimberly recently graduated from Cal State Fullerton in Southern California. While going to college, she studied animation and writing in the arts and has taken those abilities and transferred to her current position where she writes the reports for the participants and writes about their journey towards independence. She also meets with every new participant individually and gets to know their personal life stories and finds a connection with them instantly.

A Bright Future, Inc has provided her the opportunity to pursue psychology in Los Angeles in the Spring Semester of 2022 with the end goal of becoming a licensed therapist. Later in life, she would like to become an art teacher for children with developmental disabilities, then eventually a part-time art teacher for high school students.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her 7 dogs at home. She also enjoys drawing in her free time and does art commissions on the side while she is at home.